Born 23 July 1940, Denver, Colorado

Pop singer / songwriter / guitarist.

There is very little information to be found on Gary Stites, which is probably the reason that he is not included in "The Billboard Book Of One-Hit Wonders" by our list member Wayne Jancik. There's no entry for The Cheers either, Wayne. When is the new edition coming out? (BTW, Wayne's definition of a "one-hit wonder" is "an act that has won a position on Billboard's national, pop, Top 40 just once".)

Stites recorded one LP and quite a few singles for the Carlton label, in the late fifties and early sixties. His biggest hit was "Lonely For You" (# 24, spring 1959), the arrangement of which is very similar to Conway Twitty's "It's Only Make Believe". He had three further chart entries after this, including a version of "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" which peaked at # 47.

In the sixties, Stites started his own record label, Living Legend, where he produced obscure groups like the Birdwatchers, the Gents Five and Tommy Strand and the Upper Hand, all without success. He dropped out of the music business in the seventies and switched to work in horse racing.

There is a (bootleg) CD, "Lonely For You" on Carlton 6001, with thirty tracks, more or less his complete recorded output.

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